A Team Approach for Peak Athletic Performance

Working together with Fitucate, Complete Behavioral Health in Omaha, Nebraska, has developed an approach that helps athletes achieve the peak performance they are capable of. This team approach means athletes of all ages can realize their goals through mental and physical training. Eating right is also an essential part of any athletes' process, so we give you the planning you need to excel each and every day.

Stay on the Leading Edge of Performance with Our Innovative Program

The tools of the trade are essential when developing the athlete of tomorrow. You need a program that encompasses all of the nutritional, physical, and psychological needs of each individual, and the Athletic Edge program is the only one that addresses all three.

Complete Behavioral Health and Fitucate have combined to provide a team approach to help athletes achieve peak performance.

Athletes of all ages will benefit from our unique approach to mental and fitness training. We have the nutrition, physical and psychological tools to help you reach your goals.

Achieve Your Goals through Mental Agility 

Athletes of all ages can benefit from our Athletic Edge program to help cope with the pressures of competition. Through the Athletic Edge program, we instill this toughness and help you develop the ability to mentally rebound from difficult injuries and deal with game/fight day anxiety. We accomplish this through athletic performance meditation and mental resiliency training that reduces anxiety while strengthening the mind. Yet fine-tuning the mind of the athlete is only part of the solution.

  • Improve Mental Toughness
  • Reduce Sports Performance anxiety
  • Cope With Pressure from Competition
  • Athletic Performance Meditation
  • Mentally Rebound from Injuries

A Comprehensive Approach to Sports Nutrition

An exceptional athlete is only as good as the fuel that helps him/her reach the next level. Through an emphasis on optimal composition, we help the athlete understand where to start when it comes to planning a diet. Our individualized plans include nutritional supplementation and a focus on improved sleep and hydration. This focus helps to resolve any eating disorders and increase the potential for performance.

  • The Optimal Composition of an Athlete’s Diet – Where to Start
  • Individualized Sports Nutrition Plans
  • Nutrition Supplementation
  • Reduce Disordered Eating
  • Nutritional Factors to Improve Sleep, Hydration and Performance

Accomplished Athletes  
(Brian “BHUE” Houston. Pro MMA fighter and Athletic Edge Program Athlete)

Darrick Minner

(Darrick Minner pro MMA fighter and Athletic Edge Program Athlete)

Kevin Gray
(Kevin Gray pro MMA fighter and Athletic Edge Program Athlete)