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 Terri Essel, LIMHP

Terri Essel

Sometimes life can be a struggle for all of us. If you are in the midst of a struggle with your loved ones, friends, past issues, or everyday life, it may help to talk to someone. I believe that a lot of our struggles come from choosing between what our heart tells us and what our mind tells us. I specialize in working with individuals of all ages, from teenagers to adults that are going through a crisis, mental illnesses, family problems, sexual abuse, or trying to work through traumatic events in their lives. All of these struggles can put us at odds with ourselves.
My clients are treated like the individuals that they are with dignity and respect. I make sure my clients feel safe knowing that everything is confidential, and they are not judged for who they are and how they feel. Feelings and beliefs are important at any age.

I have over 15 years’ experience working with families and individuals who are dealing with mental health issues or just life in general. I work with all types of mental health problems, such as personality disorders, complex trauma, depression, anxiety, and PTSD. I also work with the LBGTQ+ community and survivors of human trafficking.

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